Chatbots Benefits


So... Why Chatbots ?

  • Increase your patients experience
  • Save money by reducing manual task
  • Mobilize staff and resources
  • Increase bookings and engagement
  • Create a loyalty program
Patient Enquiries
  • Easily update/ retrieve patients’ information
  • Educating patients
  • Automatic reminders
  • Grow sells by focusing value 24/7
  • Easy and fast bookings
  • New way to attract patients
  • Optimise processes / response time
  • Reduce errors and pro-self service
  • Onboarding training

Integrated Platform

Easy / fast to configure and deploy thanks to the Oracle newest version ADA
(Autonomous Digital Assistant)
Available on popular platforms

Our Blog

Here’s What you can Expect from Dental Chatbots

Dental AI chatbot is a computer program created specifically to address the challenge of not being able to communicate with your patients. The software runs on a chat platform wherein they can answer patient questions and other enquiries.

How your Dental Practice can benefit from AI Powered Chatbots?

Answering and taking care of all the inquiries can be time consuming and at times very distracting. Fortunately, you can now rely on a dental chatbot to take care of your patients whenever they send you a message.

Add These 8 Features in Your Dental Chatbot System

The digital age has revolutionised every possible form of interaction. As a dental practitioner, it is equally important to provide a customer service solution readily available when needed to address patient care and to respond accurately to common concerns that may or may not require a visit to your clinic.

Why Use Chatbot for Your Dental Practice?

Chatbots are documented to reduce labour tasks such as booking a dental appointment by 47% and at the same time make it easier for patients to book or shuffle appointments around.Are you determined to stay ahead in your market by increasing your patients’ flow and minimising your cost at the same time? We are here to make it happen!

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