Add These 8 Features in Your Dental Chatbot System

The digital age has revolutionised every possible form of interaction. As a dental practitioner, it is equally important to provide a customer service solution readily available when needed to address patient care and to respond accurately to common concerns that may or may not require a visit to your clinic.

In a 2018 Report from some big names in digital marketing, 15% of consumers have used chatbots to help convey concerns, wants and needs to businesses. And the reliance to AI has grown more due to the efficacy of having someone available to answer you, at any hour of the day or when the emergency arises.

Here’s what your chatbot should have to get the most out of your digital communication with your patients or targeted patients:


1. Conversation Breaks

The goal is simple, to provide a fast, efficient and convenient customer service. Create an interface that provides options or answers for them to choose from as opposed to a detailed FAQ exchange, that will defeat the purpose of convenience.


2. NLP (Conversation Maturity)

NLP stands for natural language processing capabilities, this allows the AI to identify into context what is asked and needed by your patients. The chatbot will respond according to its perceived understanding of what is being inferred by your patients or potential patients.

Dental Chatbot Features


3. Visual Rich Content

Do not limit your responses to the text. Entice your patients with visuals, this will help them to articulate what they need and enjoy interacting with your practice. Imagine how helpful this will be to a 10 or 12-year-old needing questions about toothache management.


4. Third Party Integrations

Third Party Integrations

Your AI technology should allow you to connect your bot to your Facebook, Slack or Live chat accounts for faster and real-time communication with your patients and or your internal team if needing timely attention. This also allows your chatbots to become efficient in collecting and retaining data across platforms.


5. Personalised with EQ

Your chatbot should be aware of distress in messaging and facilitate or endorse to a live chat when necessary. This is the A-level of chatbot support. This capability allows for your chatbot to educate and liaise between live agent support when necessary.


6. Autonomic Response

Your chatbot should come up with solutions on patient concerns and collate archived case histories. This allows your chatbot to perform complex dental assessment without human intervention.


7. Omni-Capable

Your chatbot should be confident and able seamlessly weave out data across every channel and put into context to create a seamless experience for your patients.


8. Pre-Programmed Create to Custom Tailored Response According to Prospect Profile

The objective of employing dental chatbots is to save you and your staff time from answering routine questions and determine if an inquiry needs to be moved to an appointment.
Alongside NLP and autonomic responding capability, your chatbot can set up an appointment, offer a solution or refer to the specialised practitioner if needed any potential patient seeking answers through your dental chatbot support system.


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