Chatbots are Changing the Way We Converse in the Dental Industry

Chatbots are revolutionising the way we do business in the dental industry, or more specifically, the conversations between the practice and their clients.


Adjusting our Attitude Towards Communicating with A Robot

Most demographics have no concern with communicating with artificial intelligence to book appointments or get questions answered. Some either prefer it or are indifferent to the concerns raised by those who don’t fully understand the concept. Other demographics, such as the elderly, do not fully comprehend just how much thought, effort and technology goes into developing a bot for conversation. In fact, chatbots are natural language processors, so one of the developer’s key goals is to make them as natural and capable of understanding conversation as humans – so much so, that they act as your admin staff to complete jobs such as scheduling appointments and interacting with patients.

Not only can chatbots understand and respond to simple enquiries, but they’re also programmed for complex interactions, as well. In chatbot terminology, the intelligent bots are programmed to understand ‘intent’ (the customer’s intention of the conversation) and ‘utterances’ (how the customer expresses their enquiries), as employees would. Additionally, chatbots are programmed with ‘entities,’ or additional information that the bots know to ask for further clarification of how to respond to the customer’s conversation.

Another way to understand this is to realise that “artificial intelligence mimics your brain.”

Today’s consumer pool may still debate on whether artificial intelligence takes away personalisation within a business. However, chatbots are more and more prevalent, and society’s attitudes towards communicating with robots are becoming a lot more favourable.


Instant Replies

One of the most significant benefits of chatbots is that they interpret and respond to information instantly. This is one thing that human interaction will never achieve. Chatbots are incredibly efficient, which saves the time and effort of busy employees and customers in such a fast-paced society, particularly a work environment such as your dental practice.

Technology has allowed the conversation to be as quick and convenient as ever.


We’re Already Halfway There

In 2015, it was reported that messaging apps overtook social media apps for having the largest number of active users. Messaging is already a core part of everyday life. So even those who are yet to use messaging apps to communicate with bots or businesses, are already halfway there. That fact, combined with our development of chatbots in businesses, means that there’s no reason that chatbots aren’t the future.

Chatbots are society’s way of adapting to a change that has already been made in modern conversation. Conversation is no longer just amongst two people face-to-face. The conversation has evolved into a much more widespread definition. Chatbots are simply working with this new definition of conversation and implementing it into the workplace.

Not only are chatbots changing the way we communicate in the workplace, but they also have many benefits for increasing productivity in your dental practice. Here are 5 ways chatbots can increase productivity amongst staff in your practice.

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