How your Dental Practice can benefit from AI Powered Chatbots?

Dental clinics get a lot of enquiries each day. Most of these can come from the internet via their website, social media channels, or any other digital platform that they may have. Answering and taking care of all these inquiries can be time consuming and at times very distracting. Fortunately, you can now rely on a dental chatbot to take care of your patients whenever they send you a message.


What is a Dental Chatbot?

Simply put, a chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that is designed to assist dentists in their day to day communications with patients and potential patients. What it does is help answer the most common questions from patients without the need for you to be behind the computer. As the dental chatbot talks to one patient, you can attend to the needs of another patient on the chair.

What makes this software unique is the fact that it’s specifically designed for the needs of dentists and their patients. For example, a potential patient sends a message through your website about tooth extraction. The artificial intelligence of the software is sophisticated enough to identify that keyword and reply with details about that service including description and price. It will then allow the potential patient to reply via choices of whether to book an appointment or ask about other services.

In other words, a dental chatbot is sophisticated and smart enough to hold a basic conversation with a patient in order to process their enquiry.


Benefits of Dental Chatbots

One of the immediate benefits of using medical chatbots is the improved response time to enquiries and messages. Normally, a dentist would have one assistant take care of all enquiries or do it themselves. Due to the amount of messages, this can take some time and can even cause confusion which leads to misunderstandings. A dental chatbot improves on all that.

The software is able to manage multiple enquiries at the same time. It will reply in a timely manner like clockwork. This saves a lot of time and allows the dentist to focus on more important things such as performing procedures or training themselves to enhance their skills.

They also help in data management. Since medical chatbots use a database for all information gathered, this makes it easier to retrieve and make updates on a patient’s records. It can also be used to automatically send reminders to patients about their next appointment.

Patients can also book their appointments through the dental chatbot as well which is faster and more convenient.

All in all, medical chatbots are a huge benefit to dentists. They allow dentists to focus on the things that matter. It saves them time and money. It also improves the overall experience of patients which can lead to more bookings and engagement. It is a great tool to have for any dental clinic.

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